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British Victorian Police tunic circa 1888

British Victorian Police tunic circa 1888

129.00 / $201.24

British Victorian Police tunic circa 1888

This design classic conjours images of the foggy London streets which Jack the Ripper stalked in the late 1880s. It consists of

1 pocket less tunic made from fine melton wool, single breasted with a high stand collar. The tunic has on row of silver Victorian Queens crown buttons down the front with 4 more at the back, two belt hooks hold the leather snake buckle belt in place. Finally a set of Sergeant stripes adorn the left hand sleeve

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WW2 German Gauleiter District Leader uniform

WW2 German Gauleiter District Leader uniform

239.00 / $372.84

Reproduction WW2 German Gauleiter District Leader uniform. Please choose your sizes accordingly or choose the tailor made option (no extra charge but will take approx 4 weeks to tailor)

This jacket is made from fine BROWN tricot and is fully lined, the tunic comes with

collar tabs

For cap please see the tricot visor cap section

Please note this uniform is black, please see our terms and conditions for colour disclaimer

We will attach all insignia for free but please note the shoulder boards will be attached by button only

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WW2 German Iron Cross 1st Class medal

WW2 German Iron Cross 1st Class medal

17.99 / $28.06

The Iron Cross First Class was a pin-on medal with no ribbon and was worn centered on a uniform breast pocket.

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SS Sturmbannfuhrer (Major) Collar Tabs

SS Sturmbannfuhrer (Major) Collar Tabs

12.99 / $20.26

SS Officer collar tabs for use with uniforms in the WW2 Replica uniforms section

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WW2 German Iron Cross 2nd Class medal

WW2 German Iron Cross 2nd Class medal

17.99 / $28.06

The Iron Cross was awarded for bravery in battle as well as other military contributions in a battlefield environment.

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German M36 Officers Field Tunic

German M36 Officers Field Tunic

99.00 / $154.44

Reproduction German WW2 Fieldgray M36 Feldbluse-

Fully lined, made from FIELD GREY wool, internal pockets and internal suspension belt, shoulder loops, bottle green collar

This jacket is made from a green/grey mix and is not stone grey. The colour may vary from monitor to monitor

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Luftwaffe Cockade cap badge

Luftwaffe  Cockade cap badge

6.99 / $10.90

Luftwaffe Cockade cap badge
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WW1 British and Commonwealth webbing - World War one webbing and equipment

Selection of WW1 British and Commonwealth webbing, including P03 web sets, P14 leather and P03 bandoliers

WW1 British Army Uniforms - 1st  world war British army tunics and trousers

Selection of WW1 Uniforms, including British army soldier uniforms and tunics and WW1 British army officer full uniforms for sale, world war one british officers tunics, ww1 british officer trousers for sale, ww1 british soft trench caps and british p08 webbing for sale

With the 100th anniversary of WW1 approaching we have employed 2 more seamstreeses to deal with orders for Great War uniforms

PLEASE NOTE - ALL our WW1 British uniforms are made to order here in Leeds, we do now hold quite alarge stock but if you need a tailored uniform current tailoring times are 4 to 6 weeks

WW1 New Zealand Expeditionary Force uniforms

Selection of uniforms from the Kiwi forces in WW1

WW1 Australian Imperial  Force uniforms - WW1 ANZAC Uniforms - WW1 AIF uniforms

collection of World War One Australian Army uniforms

WW1 Canadian army  uniforms, footwear and headwear

Selection of WW1 Canadian Expeditionary Force uniforms

WW1 German Uniforms, tunics, trousers and webbing

German WW1 uniforms for sale

World War one German Trousers, WWI German tunics for sale

With the 100th anniversary of WW1 approaching we have employed 2 more seamstreeses to deal with orders for Great War uniforms

WW1 French Army Uniforms

WW1 French Army uniforms for sale inckuding WW1 FRENCH ARMY TUNICS, world WAR one french army trousers for sale and ww1 french army caps for sale

With the 100th anniversary of WW1 approaching we have employed 2 more seamstreeses to deal with orders for Great War uniforms

WW1 Helmets and caps

Selection of WW1 German Helmets and WW1 British helmets and caps

WW1 Medals

Selection of WW1 medals from German and British forces

Items are reproduction unless stated

Napoleonic and Crimean Uniforms and equipment

People often ask us, why dont you make Napoleonic uniforms or where can I buy Napoleonic uniforms?

In the past we have had to send them to other suppliers to purchase Napoleonic uniforms, but not anymore, the in the next few months we plan to launch a range of British, French and Prussian Napoleonic uniforms for our customers to buy and to rent.

We plan to produce period Napoleonic Rifles tunics, Napoleonic Artillery tunics, full Napoleonic uniforms and Napoleonic headwear. So keep watching this space for all your Napoleonic uniform needs

Crusader, Templar and Outremer period clothing and equipment - middle ages clothes

A new section dealing solely with the Crusader period from the 1st Crusade in the 1096 to the 7th Crusade in 1250.

We have (or will have shortly) clothing from the Knights Templar, The Hospitelars, The Teutonic Knights and the standard Crusaders as well as everything in between. Keep watching this section as it will grow quickly.

Historical leatherwear - WW2  leather jackets, tunics and trousers

In this section we attempt to re-creat classic leather clothing from the 1st and 2nd world war period. We have initially concentrated on WW2 German leather clothing, but these will soon be joined by WW2 Soviet, WW2 USAF and WW2 British.

We currently have a wide range of Kriegsmarine leather jackets and trousers in both black and grey

We now have Panzer jackets in brown leather and our brand new Soviet Tank jackets

WW2 Ladies uniforms - ATS uniforms, WAAF uniforms - WWII ladies uniforms

We are making all ladies uniforms here in Leeds, UK .

Our new range includes ATS service dress, WAAF service dress and Ladies workwear and battle dress uniforms. We hold only a small stock of these items so your uniform will be made to order, so once your order is placed we will contact you to take your measurements, tailoring will take approx 5 to 6 weeks

WW 1 Uniforms, Equipment. medals and insignia

With the 100th anniversary of WW1 approaching we have employed 2 more seamstreeses to deal with orders for Great War uniforms

We have a comprehensive catalogue of WW1 British uniforms for sale , WW1 German Uniforms for sale , WW1 Helmets for sale, Picklehaubes and WW1 Equipment British pattern p08 webbing for sale, World War 1 soft trench caps for sale

We also have a comprehensive section dealing with WW1 medals

These Items are reproduction unless stated

WW2 German High Quality Tricot uniforms

World War two German tricot uniforms. A selection of higher quality German WW2 officer uniforms

WW2 Uniforms - British, Soviet, German, Italian and Japanese

Vast collection of WW2 German Uniforms, WW2 British Uniforms, WW2 Soviet uniforms, WW2 Italian uniforms and WW2 Japanese uniforms

Childrens Military and Army uniforms

Section dealing with Kids military uniforms and Childrens army costumes. We will be adding to this section extensively in the next few months, all the uniforms will be made here in England and tailored to your childs sizes. We will be producing Childrens RAF SD uniforms, Childrens WW2 British Army Uniforms, Childrens World War 1 British army Soldiers uniforms, Kids RAF battle dress uniforms, Kids World War Two British Army officers uniforms and much more


A wide variety of DVD's and CD's covering the weartime period and beyond, including Vera Lynn, Winston Churchill, Home for Christmas 1945, Sentimental Over You, Make Do And Mend, Rationing as well as Music from Glenn Miller, Joe Loss and Duke Ellington.

These CD's and DVD's are ideal for creating the perfect 1940's atmosphere at fourties themed events or parties

Casual Militaria

Due to an increasing number of our customers buying our items for casual wear as opposed to re-enacting, collecting or media work, we have decided to collate some of our more popular "casual" items in one place. Here you will be able to find shirts, parka coats, camouflage items, weathergear, combat trousers, t-shirts, caps and much more

MEDALS - Reproduction WW2 Medals

Vast listing of Reproduction WWII German medals, including Iron Cross, NSDAP Party Badges, German Assault Badge, German Wound Badge and the Stalingrad Shield

WW2 INSIGNIA - U.S, British and German

Comprehensive collection of British shoulder titles, trade armbands, shoulder boards, badges, collars tabs and insignia to accompany military uniforms. German WW2 cuff titles, collar tabs, eagles and WW2 American rank insignia, branch of service and regimental badges

Including British Rank Insignia and shoulder titles, Luftwaffe Breast Eagles, Heer Shoulderboards, Kriegsmarine Cap eagles SS Collar tabs, SS Sleeve cuffs, SS LAH Shoulder boards and much more

VICTORIAN ERA - 19th Century British Victorian Army and Police Uniforms and Equipment

Reproduction 19th century British Army Uniforms from the height of the British Empire.

Reproductions of the Zulu Wars unifoms as worn at Rorkes Drift and Isandlwana and Reproduction Royal Engineers Uniforms

We also now carry Victorian Police uniforms

HIRE/RENT - WW2 Uniforms for Theatre, TV, Film, Goodwood Revival, Haworth, 1940s Wedding Hire  and costume hire/rent worldwide

Here at the History Bunker we were the first to begin hiring WW2 militaria via the net, whilst others have since copied us we remain the number one online hire and rental company for arts and media companies worldwide. We have provided our uniforms to film, theatre, tv, ballet and opera companies across the globe. A quick look in our Film, TV, Theatre and Charity work section (to be found in the listings on the left hand side of the page) will provide any interested parties with a brief list of the people we have worked with over the years.

Our contact with the film and theatre world is constant, not sporadic like some companies, we have therefore built up a wealth of experience over the years and are fully aware of the needs of production companies

We hold large amounts of stock and can kit out any number of WW2 British, Soviet, Japanese and German troops for film and theate as well as WW1 British, German, American and French.

We stock historically accurate items, painfully researched, our knowledge isnt limited to just one countries armed forces or a particular period but spans the Crusades to WW2, so if you need to outfit a number of Knights Templars or a squad of WW2 German soldiers we can help.

We also cater for the individual, so if its an RAF uniform for Goodwood Revival, WW2 British army officer for Haworth or something special for Torture Garden or Blitz Party in London, we can help we can help. We do NOT deal in fancy dress tat, you can rest assured the uniform you will receive will be of the highest standard


So if you need authentic period uniforms for film, theatre, or tv or you an individual wanting to hire for an event, then come to The History Bunker Ltd -

We Lead, Others Follow!

Road signs and FLAGS - World War Two  Flags, World Flags Vintage WW2  Road Signs AND STREET NAMES

We stock a comprehensive range of World flags, WW2 Flags and banners.

Also a selection of reproduction metal road signs, Vintage 1940s street name signs and WW2 place names

WWII and WW1 Military Antiques and Collectables FREE valuation service

Do you have a military item you wish to have valued or appraised?

Here at the The History Bunker we offer a totally free valuation service. We deal in all kinds of militaria so whatever period your items comes from our team of experts can help.

We have access to a wide circle of dealers, auction houses and collectors so should you wish to part with your item this too can be arranged.

Please contact us on or +44 (0) 7765498339

WW2 and WW1 information pages

The following pages are to provide researchers and students with a guide to uniforms and formations of the British, German and Soviet armies

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